There was a time people wanted to go to heaven when they died and when they got older they were prepared for they had waited all their lives for that time.  A long time ago, people knew how to WAIT upon good things!  They saved their money to buy things, they were conservative and modest in their life styles.  They could WAIT upon the Lord, WAIT upon heaven!


In today’s world it has changed. Have your best life now is the motto…find your purpose and fulfill it…don’t worry about what the future holds…ask and it shall be given because God wants you to be successful and prosperous NOW! Life is all about ME and MY happiness. God is there to give me whatever I want and give it to me in abundance. Surely we don’t want to get to heaven and find warehouses with our names on them full of the things we coulda had but never asked for!! Just ask Joyce Meyers!!
We live for the moment and if anyone or anything gets in our way well, they better watch out….cause we can just rip it out and throw it away!
I am amazed at the debate about WHEN is the best time to “kill” (abort) a baby in the womb. Give it a shot so it won’t feel pain as you rip it apart, right? HOW can people be SO caring? If they REALLY cared they wouldn’t be thinking of KILLING that unborn child in the first place. But, I guess, if you don’t have to feel guilty that you caused it any “pain” then I guess you won’t have to feel guilty that you denied it any life at all. Pat yourself on the back for that one! I’m sure God is proud of you, too, right?
I had to live almost 72 years to see this “day”…lucky me…I think even animals are more protective of THEIR offspring! O, but I forgot, didn’t someone say we ARE animals? So, what is our problem? We don’t act like “good” HUMANS…and we can’t even seem to act like “good” ANIMALS!! Is there a problem here? How long o Lord? How long? We’ve gotten off the old path…we’ve gotten on the broad and wide way…Jesus is forgotten and pushed out of the way…but He was just too old fashioned any way.
I must really be showing my age because I can remember a time a loooooong time ago…..when women looked forward to marriage and to having babies!! Can you imagine a time like that? Babies were something to be desired? They were WANTED!!!
I am afraid I’m getting to be a bit cynical…I KNOW all of this is prophesied in the word of God and while it is exciting to see all these things coming together at the same time which tells us the end is near, it is heartbreaking to see how people just ignore it! Even the churches ignore it! Just find your purpose because Jesus doesn’t want you to be worrying your little self about what is going to happen…just follow the pied pipers (Rick Warrens) of this world and skip to your Lou all the way to the fires of hell!
Well, I want to end on a happier more encouraging note today. Something I feel the Holy Spirit impressed upon me when I memorized Psalm 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Then I linked it with 2 Corin. 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. I was actually doing a study about being pure in heart. Then, as I realized the more we put the pure word of God into our hearts, the purer our hearts become, I also saw that WE are EARTHEN vessels…the furnace of earth…the word, as silver, is tried in our hearts…and is purified seven times! How encouraging that is to get us to memorize the word of God! Put it into this earthen furnace of our heart and our hearts will become pure….Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. YES!! As we put that pure word of God into our hearts it purifies our hearts and we will see God in everything! In the physical world around us…the beauty of the star-filled night, the crashing of the ocean waves, the birds soaring on high, a babbling brook….we will see Him in our circumstances…holding us, encouraging us, helping us…leading us on the right path. We will hear Him as He whispers softly into our hearts the words that we have hidden there so we might not sin against Him…that we might learn of Him…that we might be sensitive to His leading….we hear His voice in the cry of a baby (made in HIS image but people have forgotten that in their quest to destroy such precious little ones). Blessed be the name of the Lord! Obedience comes from a pure heart…
God bless you….Mama Jo


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I am a missionary in Kenya. I work with Pastor Sablon Ahenda and we are located in Ugunja, Kenya. I have been in Kenya since March 13, 2003. Our ministry is called Treasure Keepers Kenya and it is a discipleship ministry to pastors in the interior to help ground them in the word of God using the Authorized KJV Bible. We are not an organization nor do we promote any denomination. We have one goal and that is to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints using the Authorized KJV Bible. God bless you.

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